Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wanna rock until you explode?

Have you ever wanted to rock so hard that you literally exploded? I sure did, and trust me I have finally found a perfect album for those who have similar desires...

Many of you have heard of a band called Story of the Year. Yes they're very popular, and were all over the radio with such hits as, Until the Day I Die, Anthem of our Dying Day, and Sidewalks. As almost anyone with a brain can agree on, this album certainly was one of the better of today's rock scene. Although, it seemed to be made for the 'mainstream' tastes of the day, which by no means is a bad thing, but you will never find a song in mainstream rock that will make you want to rock until you literally explode. Yet, the potential was there, and their live show triumphantly displayed their distinguished promise.

But now, the band has finally released the album that will blow you away...In the Wake of Determination! While I was waiting for just one song that would make me rock so hard I exploded, this ablum provided me with TEN! Almost every song on this album rocks so hard that you find yourself having no choice but to smile and say, "Wow, this music makes me happy."

For all those who have not heard...

Listen to: Story Of The Year, In The Wake Of Determination



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