Monday, January 02, 2006

hi kids

Heya. I added a little "RANDOM BAND" thing to the right sidebar thing. Haha, pretty lame, but if you're bored, go check the bands that show up there. It'll be worth your time. <3

So, I've finally come to the conclusion that Armor For Sleeps new album, "What To Do When You Are Dead" is a let down. I really like a few of the tracks, but only for a while... Too much of them is... meh. Just my two cents. Decent band, though. :D

If you haven't picked up "Happy Christmas Volume Four" yet, you're missing out. Heck, buy it just for Copeland's rendition of 'Do You Hear What I Hear', or for Anberlin's 'Baby Please Come Home'. ^_^ On a similar note, go buy Anberlin's new album, "Never Take Friendship Personal". It's amazing. :D

Also, I got two tickets for the: The Starting Line / Copeland / Gatsby's American Dream / Cartel concert coming here in march. I'm freaking pumped. :) It'll be a blast. Maybe Aaron will sign all my freaking CD's of them, heh. Enjoi.

Listen To: Badly Drawn Boy


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