Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Bit Of News

So, Jack's Mannequin is coming into town on March 22nd. That's exactly one week before the Copeland / Cartel / GAD / TSL show. But, read that again. Jack's Mannequin is coming to Denver. It's unreal. I need to buy tickets NOW. ^_^ Unsure as of right now as to who is supporting Andrew, but who cares. :) I'm pumped. So, here's my concert schedule for March:

8th - A Thorn For Every Heart, Hit The Lights, Boys Like Girls, and Keating
9th - Anathallo
14th - The Academy Is..., Panic! At The Disco, Acceptance, and HelloGoodbye
22nd - Jack's Mannequin
29th - The Starting Line, Copeland, Cartel, and Gatsby's American Dream

That's an insane month. And the week after the Copeland concert is another amazing concert:

April 5th - Matchbook Romance, The Early November, Chiodos, Amber Pacific, and We Are The Fury

Yes. Matchbook, The Early November, Chiodos, and Amber Pacific? FETCH yes. :) It's gonna rule. I also picked up "Stepping Stone Vol. 1" which has a Copeland song on it, so I can scratch that off the list of CD's that I don't own that have Copeland songs on them. The end.

Listen To: Chiodos


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