Monday, July 31, 2006

dundundun dun dun da!

Heya, kids. Lets dive right in.

One of my current roommates, Nick, introduced me to a band called Making April. Their newest EP, Runaway World, is absolutely gorgeous. They sound a bit similar to Rookie Of The Year, one of my favorite bands. It's beautiful stuff, give it a listen. :D

Another band I found recently is called The Pettit Project, and they are pretty sweet. A bit like Houston Calls, Motion City Soundtrack, and Blink 182 combined, but not quite as charming. They have their newest EP, Free Dating Service, up for download on their website. Download it and give a listen, it's free. ^_^

Oh! And of note, my Japanese Import of Houston Calls' A Collection Of Short Stories should be here very soon! :D I'm way excited, even though Okie already sent me the extra track, I'm so pumped. :) Oh, and I used to publish this post. Check it out, it's an excellent free web-based word processor. :D Perfect for college.

Listen To: A Hero From A Thousand Paces


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