Friday, July 07, 2006

Whoa! Hello.

Haha. It's been so long. Well, let me fill ya in: I'm at college. Yup. BYU Idaho. Wasn't too excited about being a resident of IDAHO, but it's actually turned out pretty sweet. My roommates are really sweet. They all play guitar and sing, and one plays bass. And I play drums. :P So it all works out! I'll let you all know if we put something together.

So, hmm... What else. Picked up a few CD's that are absolutely incredible. One of those, being Quietdrives new CD. Absolutely AMAZING. The first song on that CD is nearly perfect. It's one of the best rock out songs I've ever heard.

Also, once again, I've rekindled my love for A Day At The Fair. I love 'em. ^_^ Brings back incredible memories that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING. Not only that, but it's just friggin' happy music. Great stuff.

I got my hands on another Copeland Instant Live CD, from Oklahoma. And it blows the crap out of the Salt Lake one AND the Denver one by SO much. Aaron sings Coffee and Brightest so beautifully. I hope to one day have every instant live CD. :P I'm close... ;)

Well, I'll try to update more often now. Enjoi! Love and miss everyone.

Listen To: The Real You


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