Friday, August 11, 2006

The List

For this post, I'm just gonna focus on some unsigned(or just not as well known) talent. Just a list of bands that I feel deserve more attention then they are getting now. Off we go!

  • Brightwood - First band that came to mind was Brightwood, the young and talented group from Portland. Their singer has an incredible voice and is full of passion. The music is energetic, intelligent and catchy. I adore this band. :D
  • Rushmore Academy - So, I've pimped this band a fair amount but I still feel they need more. It's amazing pop-punk with an awesome synthesizer. It's amazing to me how they are still unsigned. Really fun band.
  • Deas Vail - Really neat stuff. This indie rock band knows exactly what their doing, and it sounds beautiful. Probably one of the best voices I've ever heard coming from such a young group. Give them a listen and expect their new EP to be released soon.
  • Racing Kites - Let me just say this: On their new CD coming out Will, from Cartel, is doing guest vocals. Give them a listen. Amazing pop-punk.
  • Blane - There's something in the water in Seattle, I swear. This band has some amazing potential for sure.
  • Best Interest - The band has been broken up for a while, and they've all gone their seperate ways, but the music they made while they were together was incredible. Jeff now sings for Morning Call on Drive-Thru Records (which is another band to watch).
  • The Real You - Some really good piano driven rock. There's a nice energy to the album and it's fun to listen to. :D
  • Making April - Some INCREDIBLE acoustic/piano/emo rock. It's really beautfiul stuff.
  • Swingset Champion - Really good stuff. The song 'Reaching For The Aspirin' is one of my favorite songs.
Well, that's good for a while. :P

Listen To: New Found Glory (Heck yeah, man)


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