Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pop-Punk x2 And Progressive Ambient Post Hardcore?

All time low is no longer just a New Found Glory lyric(clever, huh?). I recently picked up All Time Low's newest release "Put Up Or Shut Up". First thoughts: Holy Fall Out Boy. The slight vibrato in the singer's voice reminds me of Patrick sooo much. But, FOB references aside this album holds well on it's own. Incredible Pop-Punk. 'Coffee Shop Soundtrack' is a great song, and every song is as catchy as the next. Highly recommended CD.

Stephanie let me borrow her Better Luck Next Time CD, "Third Time's A Charm"! She really nailed it when she said that it sounds like a mix of "New Found Glory(self titled) and Don't Look Down". Really catchy, energetic, and fast. I love it. It goes back to Pop-Punk's roots. There's even a little bit of Blink-182, and there's never anything wrong with that. :D Give 'Carry On' a listen. Great song, great CD.

Progressive Ambient Post Hardcore? That's how I would describe Evaline's newest EP, "Postpartum Modesty. A Portrait Of Skin". The atmosphere of the CD is incredible. There's an amazing energy in the CD, and I adore it. I really like the singer, he really helps the CD come across as a work of art. 'Calm Touching' is an amazing song. It will probably take me a little bit longer to really get into the CD, and when I do I'm sure you'll hear an update. It's 20 minutes of absolutely gorgeous music. Give it a listen. :D

Listen To: Brand New


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