Friday, May 11, 2007

have a gr9 day

Heya, kids. It's been a while. CD's!
  • Deas Vail - All The Houses Look The Same - Beautiful CD, and I didn't expect anything less. The gorgeous song "Shoreline" really shows off how talented their vocalist is. I absolutely loved the CD, highly recommend it.
  • Anberlin - Cities - Disappointing. Too much Nu-Metal influence. But! There are a few absolutely amazing songs, but overall it was a let down.
  • Self Against City - Telling Secrets To Strangers - This album is a fantastic addition to the pop-punk scene, but doesn't fall into the clich├ęs the genre. A few of the songs are weak, but the album as a whole is just amazing. ^_^
  • Damiera - M(US)IC - This album is absolutely amazing. Lots of talent is displayed, and the band works really well together. However, some of the songs sound awful similar which is a bit of a turn off. Highly recommended either way!
  • Melee - Devils & Angels - Fantastic CD, but much better live. The energy and brilliance of these songs does not come through in the recorded material. Such a fun CD. ^_^ Go buy this now, and see them on tour.
  • Daphne Loves Derby - Good Night, Witness Light - Another disappointment. Some very fun songs on the CD, but it all blends together, and too many of the songs just lack heart. I miss old Daphne Loves Derby. :\
  • Everybody Else - Everybody Else - I love the sound of this band. A bit old-school, a bit contemporary, but 100% fun. One of the best albums this year. Buy this NOW.
  • 1997 - My House Burned Down So Now I Own A Better View Of The Moon - Very impressive. Super fun, catchy, energetic, and hard-hitting. They've perfected their sound on their first LP. I adore it. Can't wait to see this band in a week. :) Buy this as soon as possible, also.
  • Until June - Until June - Quite possibly the best CD released this year. It'll take a little while for it to grow on you, but this 10 track album is brilliant.
  • Sherwood - A Different Light - Over-produced much? This is an absolutely fantastic album, but it's not quite up to my standards for Sherwood. There are plenty of stand-out songs, but the rest blend together. I'm still on the fence for this one. ^_^
  • A Hero From A Thousand Paces - Mistakes - Love it! There's still SO much potential for this band. Keep an eye on 'em.
  • dntel - Dumb Luck - Brilliant. I will probably focus more on this album later. I love it, but it won't be for everyone.
  • The Fall Of Troy - Manipulator - I had only recently gotten in to The Fall Of Troy, unfortunately. But this album is fantastic. High energy, unique, melodic, and chaotic. I love it.
  • PlayRadioPlay! - The Frequency EP - Very fun and catchy. A bit amateurish at times, while at other times it's might impressive. Good not great! Dan's got a bright future ahead of him.
  • Lost Ocean - Night To Life EP - Fantastic. Intelligent, catchy, and just overall beautiful. Buy this.
Well! Awesome. :P Some of these CD's deserve a lot more said about them. So, I'll probably do that later. ^_^

Listen To: 1997


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