Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Guess I'll Address This...

Read this article regarding Panic! At The Disco. Basically, they are saying "expect the unexpected" on their sophomore album. It also reads that they are all trying to learn new instruments.

This band is the definition of pretentious. An ARENA TOUR? A BOX-SET? You're JOKING me. How much longer can they milk this album? I mean, sure, it's a pretty good album. It's fun and catchy, but it's just not nearly as epic as it's made out to be. Mediocre at best.

But, anyways, this new album. I hope everyone knows by now that you shouldn't FORCE CHANGE. Progression of your music should be a natural thing. Maybe instead of switching outfits during their show and getting lap dances on stage they should look at what their doing with some hindsight.

$10 says their sophomore effort releases with terrible reviews and Panic! will say it's because nobody understands their music.

  • Copeland, The Appleseed Cast concert tonight.
  • Saw LoveDrug, The Myriad, and Brandtson last week. Awesome.
  • Eat, Sleep, Repeat is incredible. I have all 3 of the extra CD's, too.
  • Probably something more... But I'm tired, okay!

Listen To: The Appleseed Cast


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