Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Best Of 2006 List

A lil late but...

[I'm only commenting/listing the CD's that I have actually purchased or had a good time to listen to. So, Mute Math, As Tall As Lions, Saves The Day and (many) others will be left out. :(]

Best Albums:
1. Rookie Of The Year - The Goodnight Moon
2. Umbrellas - Illuminare
3. Anathallo - Floating World
4. Valencia - This Could Be A Possibility (RE-ISSUE 2006)
5. The Format - Dog Problems
6. Between The Trees - The Story And The Song
7. Forgive Durden - Wonderland
8. Copeland - Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
9. Thursday - A City By The Light Divided
10. Hit The Lights - This Is A Stick Up... Don't Make It A Murder
11. Ronnie Day - The Album
12. The Appleseed Cast - Peregrine
13. Ever We Fall - We Are But Human
14. Rory - We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good
15. Moneen - The Red Tree
16. Brandtson - Hello, Control
17. Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
18. The Working Title - About-Face
19. Quietdrive - When All That's Left Is You
20. Boys Like Girls - Boys Like Girls
21. This Providence - This Providence
22. The Early November - The Mechanic, The Mother, The Path
23. The Fold - This Too Shall Pass
24. Park - Building A Better _______
25. Transition - Get There
26. The Hush Sound - Like Vines
27. Hellogoodbye - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
28. Portugal. The Man - Waiter:"You Vultures!"
29. Dashboard Confessional - Dusk And Summer
30. New Found Glory - Coming Home
31. Cute Without The E - The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch
32. Saosin - Saosin
33. The Scene Aesthetic - Building Homes From What We've Made
34. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
35. The Transit War - Miss Your Face
36. Alexisonfire - Crisis
[Rookie Of The Year was overlooked this year. No, it's not the most technical CD, but it's everything I love about music. In one album. Gorgeous. And Umbrellas' new one left me speechless. Between The Trees is such a romantic, true to life, touching album. The story that is behind the lyrics is fantastic.]

1. Search The City - Ghosts
2. Rushmore Academy - Dramatics & Theatrics
3. Making April - Runaway World
4. Lakes - Photographs EP
5. A Hero From A Thousand Paces - Mistakes EP
6. Goodbye Tomorrow - Goodbye Tomorrow
7. Evaline - Postpartum Modesty. A Portrait Of Skin
8. Dave Melilo - Talk Is Cheap
9. All Time Low - Put Up Or Shut Up
10. Love Me Electric - Medicine And Magic
11. The Beautiful Mistake/Ettison Clio Split EP
12. The Dear Hunter -
13. The Killing Moon - A Message Through Your Teeth
14. Royden - Best Friends Our Worst Enemies
15. Lovedrug EP
[Search The City came out of NOWHERE, and it's amazing. And Rushmore Academy's new CD is brilliant Pop-Punk.]

Best Songs Of '06:
-Ever We Fall - Welcome To Fhloston Paradise
-Lakes - Indian Lover
-Anathallo - Hanasakajiji (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash)
-The Early November - No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance)
-Dave Melillo - Morris County Blues
-Between The Trees - You Cry A Tear To Start A River
[No numbers! Just all fantastic songs!]

Biggest Letdowns:
1. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
2. New Found Glory - Coming Home
3. The Scene Aesthetic - Building Homes From What We've Made
4. Saosin - Saosin
5. This Providence - This Providence
[I loved 'Where You Want To Be'. I had huge expectations. There are some stand-out tracks, no doubt, but the album was sorely dissapointing. New Found Glory released a good album, don't get me wrong. But... It's not New Found Glory, to me. Too far away from it. Saosin, over-produced. Alexisonfire is not on this list because I didn't have THAT high of expectations for it.]

Somehow Missed In '05:
1. Just Surrender - If These Streets Could Talk
2. Chiodos - All's Well That Ends Well
3. Better Luck Next Time - Third Time's A Charm
4. The Myriad

Most Anticipated Of '07:
1. Jimmy Eat World
2. Hidden In Plain View
3. Self Against City
4. Houston Calls
5. Search The City
6. Brightwood
7. Goodbye Tomorrow
8. The Mile After
9. A Hero From A Thousand Paces
10. Cartel
[The new Houston Calls album is gonna be so awesome. :D]

Biggest Sellout:
1. Panic! At The Disco
[It's not even funny anymore. I'm seriously.]

Best Lyricist:
1. Rushmore Academy
2. Brand New
3. Moneen
[Rushmore Academy had to win this, for me. Vury vury clever lyrics. He has a talent for writing those one liners that are just remarkable. And Brand New, fantastic. Moneen - Amazing. Totally honest. Love it.]

Best Movies:
1. Little Miss Sunshine
2. Over The Hedge
Yes. :D

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