Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today Landon come's home! He's been in Japan for two-freaking-years! I'm way excited. ^_^ Pretty much beyond words, so I won't even try. :P

Yesterday, I was expecting my Between The Tree's CD to come in, but instead got my next shipment of TMG Street Team Supplies. I kinda feel like I let them down last time, so I'm gonna haul this time. :P Put up some Ronnie Day posters and make some displays. And lay out some Ronnie Day stickers and Tahiti 80 posters and stuff. If anyone wants any posters or stickers let me know.

Speaking of the Ronnie Day album, it is incredible. I think I've mentioned it before, but, seriously. It's brilliant. Soooo catchy, and mostly just happy. :) *love* Still can't believe the kid is only 18.

Also - There are some huge sales going on. Hopeless record's is selling all their CD's for $5. All of them. Take advantage of that. Also, Tooth & Nail has a sale for two CD's for $15. Also do that. :P Great deals.

Listen To: Ever We Fall


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