Sunday, October 08, 2006

Interview With Scott Windsor Of Umbrellas

I went and saw Umbrellas live yesterday. Incredible experience. I also got the opportunity to meet Scott beforehand and afterwards and asked him a few questions. This "interview" was conducted on two paper plates.

Me: Is Angels & Demons based on an actual event?
Scott: Based on living in a college town and not trusting the girls that live there.

Me: What was the first step in recording/writing?
Scott: I spent all winter writing by myself, then I took the songs to the other guys.

Me: Favorite food? (Obligatory)
Scott: Steak and mashed potatoes.

Me: Is there a central theme to Illuminare?
Scott: No central theme. Just a "brighter" outlook on life.

Me: How have your friends and parents affected your music?
Scott: I write a lot of lyrics based on friends experiences. Parents - not so much.

Me: What have you been listening to recently?
Scott: The new Cursive, Muse, and Keane.

That was undoubtedly the most profound interview you have, or will, ever read. :D But, really, it was awesome to meet Scott and he sounded FLAWLESS live. It was really awesome. I also saw: New London Fire (pretty good stuff!), Down To Earth Approach (not bad!), The Forecast (meh...), and theAudition (ugh). I left in the middle of theAudition. Saw two songs of theirs at Warped Tour, also. I just get this vibe that they are there because they "jumped on the bandwagon". They're just trendy, I guess. Can't really respect them, much. :P

I'll go over what I think of some CD's in a bit, and revisit a few older ones.

Listen To: Hopewood


  • see your the critic of music how funny because Scotts stuff stinks and your opioion sounds bias thinking how good of a critic are you sounds as if you are working the steak and mash potatoes in your favor so with that in mind guess I will say how lousy are your thoughts go back to the woods were you belong and Vipe knows the truth how a white girl and a white guy telling souls whats good or not like a back stapping trashy -------that you realy are!

    By Blogger Roger, at 6:09 PM, November 30, 2006  

  • you're a freaking weirdo roger. there is no reason for negativity. just check your email or watch porn. i loooovee the umbrellas.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:59 PM, May 30, 2007  

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