Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hidden In Plain View have decided to disband due to professional and creative differences. To our families, friends and most importantly, our fans, thank you for all your love and support over the past six years. The band had recently recorded a new album which will see a release this spring on Drive-Thru Records. [source]

This sucks. Didn't see that coming. Their new album will probably be the best album of 2007. R.I.P HIPV.

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Friday, January 26, 2007


Heya, kids. Lets get right to it.

BETWEEN THE TREES. I have been meaning to write about them, but I held back, because I think this album deserves a LOT of attention. This is one heck of a debut from this Florida band. "The Story And The Song" is gorgeous, romantic, energetic, tragic, meaningful, uplifting and brilliant. Their singer has got some PIPES. He's just absolutely right on pitch and emotional, and it suits the music perfectly. The band really shows how versatile they are with songs influenced by Anberlin, The Format, Rookie Of The Year, and while they execute those songs perfectly, they still manage to create a unique, beautiful style of their own that is both energetic and soothing.

Where this album truly shines is in the lyrics and thought behind the album. Many of the songs are b
ased on a true story that involves members of the band and a sweet, young girl who went through many troubles in her life, and how her friends showed her that she truly mattered. It's heartbreaking and inspiring. My favorite song on the album, 'You Cry A Tear To Start A River', really reflects the message of the story, along with, I believe, the cover of the CD. It shows a small boy who is well groomed and apparently very well off with a slight frown on his face facing a dirty, beat up version of himself who appears to be in poverty, handing him a flower. I love this, as I believe it shows how much you can learn from hardships and trials. Haha, you'd probably be better off making your own interpretations of the cover, as I seem to not be able to explain it well. :P Another of my favorite songs is one written about the singer's mother, and I'm sure this song could relate to many, many mothers around the world. :)

What a fantastic CD. It's near perfection, in my opinion. Absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait to see what this underrated band brings to the world of music that I love so dearly. (Come to Denver)

I also got to see Rookie Of The Year at The Marquis Theater a few nights ago. It was amazing. I arrived a bit late and missed the opening act, but caught Four Letter Lie just in time. I was NOT a fan of their recorded work, so I wasn't excited at all to see them play. But, they tore up the stage live. The energy of their music is just not reflected in their album material. Great show. Afterwards was Rookie Of The Year. Ryan absolutely nailed their set, although I think they had to cut it short a bit. I talked with all of the band members before and after - AWESOME people. :D Way nice and dedicated individuals. I even got them to recommend a few bands for me, so here it goes:

Ryan: Goodbye Tomorrow (Old Stuff), Mew, Sleeping At Last
Mike: Wheat
Pat: Girltalk
Brandon: Christ Thile, Nickel Creek
David: Mewithoutyou, Immortal Technique
Scott(Merch): Russian Circles, Snow Fairies, Page France

Thought I'd share that with you guys. :D Roses Are Red, who headlined, were very dissapointing to me, which was too bad cause I loved their old material. Meh. Well, I've got more to say, but I'll save it for another time.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Heya, Kids. I've got lots on my agenda to put down here, but I'm gonna take the lazy way out real quick and just remind myself to do it next time. :P For now, this!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Best Of 2006 List

A lil late but...

[I'm only commenting/listing the CD's that I have actually purchased or had a good time to listen to. So, Mute Math, As Tall As Lions, Saves The Day and (many) others will be left out. :(]

Best Albums:
1. Rookie Of The Year - The Goodnight Moon
2. Umbrellas - Illuminare
3. Anathallo - Floating World
4. Valencia - This Could Be A Possibility (RE-ISSUE 2006)
5. The Format - Dog Problems
6. Between The Trees - The Story And The Song
7. Forgive Durden - Wonderland
8. Copeland - Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
9. Thursday - A City By The Light Divided
10. Hit The Lights - This Is A Stick Up... Don't Make It A Murder
11. Ronnie Day - The Album
12. The Appleseed Cast - Peregrine
13. Ever We Fall - We Are But Human
14. Rory - We're Up To No Good, We're Up To No Good
15. Moneen - The Red Tree
16. Brandtson - Hello, Control
17. Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
18. The Working Title - About-Face
19. Quietdrive - When All That's Left Is You
20. Boys Like Girls - Boys Like Girls
21. This Providence - This Providence
22. The Early November - The Mechanic, The Mother, The Path
23. The Fold - This Too Shall Pass
24. Park - Building A Better _______
25. Transition - Get There
26. The Hush Sound - Like Vines
27. Hellogoodbye - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!
28. Portugal. The Man - Waiter:"You Vultures!"
29. Dashboard Confessional - Dusk And Summer
30. New Found Glory - Coming Home
31. Cute Without The E - The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch
32. Saosin - Saosin
33. The Scene Aesthetic - Building Homes From What We've Made
34. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
35. The Transit War - Miss Your Face
36. Alexisonfire - Crisis
[Rookie Of The Year was overlooked this year. No, it's not the most technical CD, but it's everything I love about music. In one album. Gorgeous. And Umbrellas' new one left me speechless. Between The Trees is such a romantic, true to life, touching album. The story that is behind the lyrics is fantastic.]

1. Search The City - Ghosts
2. Rushmore Academy - Dramatics & Theatrics
3. Making April - Runaway World
4. Lakes - Photographs EP
5. A Hero From A Thousand Paces - Mistakes EP
6. Goodbye Tomorrow - Goodbye Tomorrow
7. Evaline - Postpartum Modesty. A Portrait Of Skin
8. Dave Melilo - Talk Is Cheap
9. All Time Low - Put Up Or Shut Up
10. Love Me Electric - Medicine And Magic
11. The Beautiful Mistake/Ettison Clio Split EP
12. The Dear Hunter -
13. The Killing Moon - A Message Through Your Teeth
14. Royden - Best Friends Our Worst Enemies
15. Lovedrug EP
[Search The City came out of NOWHERE, and it's amazing. And Rushmore Academy's new CD is brilliant Pop-Punk.]

Best Songs Of '06:
-Ever We Fall - Welcome To Fhloston Paradise
-Lakes - Indian Lover
-Anathallo - Hanasakajiji (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash)
-The Early November - No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance)
-Dave Melillo - Morris County Blues
-Between The Trees - You Cry A Tear To Start A River
[No numbers! Just all fantastic songs!]

Biggest Letdowns:
1. Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
2. New Found Glory - Coming Home
3. The Scene Aesthetic - Building Homes From What We've Made
4. Saosin - Saosin
5. This Providence - This Providence
[I loved 'Where You Want To Be'. I had huge expectations. There are some stand-out tracks, no doubt, but the album was sorely dissapointing. New Found Glory released a good album, don't get me wrong. But... It's not New Found Glory, to me. Too far away from it. Saosin, over-produced. Alexisonfire is not on this list because I didn't have THAT high of expectations for it.]

Somehow Missed In '05:
1. Just Surrender - If These Streets Could Talk
2. Chiodos - All's Well That Ends Well
3. Better Luck Next Time - Third Time's A Charm
4. The Myriad

Most Anticipated Of '07:
1. Jimmy Eat World
2. Hidden In Plain View
3. Self Against City
4. Houston Calls
5. Search The City
6. Brightwood
7. Goodbye Tomorrow
8. The Mile After
9. A Hero From A Thousand Paces
10. Cartel
[The new Houston Calls album is gonna be so awesome. :D]

Biggest Sellout:
1. Panic! At The Disco
[It's not even funny anymore. I'm seriously.]

Best Lyricist:
1. Rushmore Academy
2. Brand New
3. Moneen
[Rushmore Academy had to win this, for me. Vury vury clever lyrics. He has a talent for writing those one liners that are just remarkable. And Brand New, fantastic. Moneen - Amazing. Totally honest. Love it.]

Best Movies:
1. Little Miss Sunshine
2. Over The Hedge
Yes. :D

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