Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today Landon come's home! He's been in Japan for two-freaking-years! I'm way excited. ^_^ Pretty much beyond words, so I won't even try. :P

Yesterday, I was expecting my Between The Tree's CD to come in, but instead got my next shipment of TMG Street Team Supplies. I kinda feel like I let them down last time, so I'm gonna haul this time. :P Put up some Ronnie Day posters and make some displays. And lay out some Ronnie Day stickers and Tahiti 80 posters and stuff. If anyone wants any posters or stickers let me know.

Speaking of the Ronnie Day album, it is incredible. I think I've mentioned it before, but, seriously. It's brilliant. Soooo catchy, and mostly just happy. :) *love* Still can't believe the kid is only 18.

Also - There are some huge sales going on. Hopeless record's is selling all their CD's for $5. All of them. Take advantage of that. Also, Tooth & Nail has a sale for two CD's for $15. Also do that. :P Great deals.

Listen To: Ever We Fall

Thursday, November 16, 2006


My Love Me Electric CD came in the mail today. ^_^ It's called "Medicine And Magic" and is awesome. It's charming, much in the same light as Rushmore Academy. It's even got a "self-titled New Found Glory" feel to it. It's basically really awesome pop-punk. The gang vocals in 'I'll Count To Four' are really effective and fun. Check it out, eh?

The Copeland show last night was incredible. Aaron Marsh was spot-on the whole night, which was quite happy, seeing as he tends to have on and off nights. But, Copeland was 'out-played' by the almighty Appleseed Cast. And that's fine in my books. Copeland isn't really made for a live show. The Appleseed Cast had an incredible energy and they have an AMAZING drummer. Absolutely incredible. He blew me away. Oh, and Acute was pretty good and Owen was awesome. Depressing stuff, and if I had known it was a Kinsella beforehand maybe I would have yelled something about the reply that Max Bemis wrote a few weeks back. Good show. ^_^

The Office is super-sized tonight. I can't freakin' wait for that to air. :D

Listen To: Love Me Electric or Kevin Devine

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Guess I'll Address This...

Read this article regarding Panic! At The Disco. Basically, they are saying "expect the unexpected" on their sophomore album. It also reads that they are all trying to learn new instruments.

This band is the definition of pretentious. An ARENA TOUR? A BOX-SET? You're JOKING me. How much longer can they milk this album? I mean, sure, it's a pretty good album. It's fun and catchy, but it's just not nearly as epic as it's made out to be. Mediocre at best.

But, anyways, this new album. I hope everyone knows by now that you shouldn't FORCE CHANGE. Progression of your music should be a natural thing. Maybe instead of switching outfits during their show and getting lap dances on stage they should look at what their doing with some hindsight.

$10 says their sophomore effort releases with terrible reviews and Panic! will say it's because nobody understands their music.

  • Copeland, The Appleseed Cast concert tonight.
  • Saw LoveDrug, The Myriad, and Brandtson last week. Awesome.
  • Eat, Sleep, Repeat is incredible. I have all 3 of the extra CD's, too.
  • Probably something more... But I'm tired, okay!

Listen To: The Appleseed Cast