Monday, July 31, 2006

dundundun dun dun da!

Heya, kids. Lets dive right in.

One of my current roommates, Nick, introduced me to a band called Making April. Their newest EP, Runaway World, is absolutely gorgeous. They sound a bit similar to Rookie Of The Year, one of my favorite bands. It's beautiful stuff, give it a listen. :D

Another band I found recently is called The Pettit Project, and they are pretty sweet. A bit like Houston Calls, Motion City Soundtrack, and Blink 182 combined, but not quite as charming. They have their newest EP, Free Dating Service, up for download on their website. Download it and give a listen, it's free. ^_^

Oh! And of note, my Japanese Import of Houston Calls' A Collection Of Short Stories should be here very soon! :D I'm way excited, even though Okie already sent me the extra track, I'm so pumped. :) Oh, and I used to publish this post. Check it out, it's an excellent free web-based word processor. :D Perfect for college.

Listen To: A Hero From A Thousand Paces

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Deas What?

Do yourself a favor and listen to Deas Vail. Some of the best vocals from an unsigned band I've ever heard, and the music is gorgeous. Give 'em a listen.

Listen To: Making April

Monday, July 24, 2006

Umbrellas "Illuminare" The Militia Group

Just reviewed Umbrellas new CD "Illuminare". Needless to say, it received a 10/10. I feel kinda bad for giving a perfect rating, but - it's a flawless CD, so I guess I don't really feel bad at all. :D Read my review here.

Listen To: Umbrellas

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Treat

The extra track on the Japanese Import of If These Streets Could Talk from Just Surrender. :)

Just Surrender - If These Streets Could Talk [Import] - 11 - Which Burns More

Listen To: Sleepaway

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh yeah, and do this.

Just a few things.
  • Buy the new The Early November CD "The Mother, The Mechanic, And The Path" and listen to No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance).
  • Listen to the new This Providence song, My Beautiful Rescue, over at their PureVOLUME site.
  • If you get the chance, go see Houston Calls and Quietdrive on their current tour.
  • If you can, listen to Just Surrender's bonus track on their Japan Import of If These Streets Could Talk. It's titled Which Burns More and rules my world. :P
  • Check out Bus Stop Demo from Paper Mache (Music). It's amazing. ^_^
  • At 12:01AM, midnight tonight, The Indie Rock Shop is having a HUGE going out of business sale. It's gonna be insane. <3
I think that's it... I'll give a huge update sometime later including what I think of all these freaking CD's I've got. :P

Listen To: Anathallo

Thursday, July 13, 2006


How abougt a poll?! :D

Listen To: Rookie Of The Year

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Keep the Dogs. Ditch the Problems.

So I know I haven't been around in like... foever. But I had to post. Okay, so I'm a huge Format fan. Love 'em to death. Just bought Dog Problems on iTunes. Soooooooooo disappointed. The only song I like is Snails. And I already have a different version of that song, which I like better. Gah. Save some money and don't buy it. Musically, it's just... odd. It has neither the Beatle-esque charm nor the touch of country twang Format is famous for. Most of it sounds like something you would here played at a cheap carnival. Lyrically, this is definitely Format's worst. Lots of bitterness and talk about sex. I totally don't like this CD. If you want the songs, have me send them to you, but for goodness' sake.... Don't waste your money.

Dog Problems should be renamed to just Problems.

On a happier note, I bought Format's EP between Lullabies and Interventions and the Snails EP. Way awesome. Give it a listen. I like One Shot, Two Shots especially much. :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Whoa! Hello.

Haha. It's been so long. Well, let me fill ya in: I'm at college. Yup. BYU Idaho. Wasn't too excited about being a resident of IDAHO, but it's actually turned out pretty sweet. My roommates are really sweet. They all play guitar and sing, and one plays bass. And I play drums. :P So it all works out! I'll let you all know if we put something together.

So, hmm... What else. Picked up a few CD's that are absolutely incredible. One of those, being Quietdrives new CD. Absolutely AMAZING. The first song on that CD is nearly perfect. It's one of the best rock out songs I've ever heard.

Also, once again, I've rekindled my love for A Day At The Fair. I love 'em. ^_^ Brings back incredible memories that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING. Not only that, but it's just friggin' happy music. Great stuff.

I got my hands on another Copeland Instant Live CD, from Oklahoma. And it blows the crap out of the Salt Lake one AND the Denver one by SO much. Aaron sings Coffee and Brightest so beautifully. I hope to one day have every instant live CD. :P I'm close... ;)

Well, I'll try to update more often now. Enjoi! Love and miss everyone.

Listen To: The Real You