Friday, April 28, 2006

There Are No Words To Convey...

There are no words to convey the genius that is Nobuo Uematsu...This man is one of the most inspired people that has ever walked this earth. His music is inspiring, breath taking, and in all ways completely amazing.

For those of you who are not familiar with Nobuo Uematsu, he is a japanese composer, who has worked on the soundtracks for many japanese developed video games. He works very closely with japanese software developer Square Enix, and has written the music for every single Final Fantasy game since it's beginnings on the NES. He has also written some incredible orignal soundtracks for games such as Kingdom Hearts and many others.

I have just recently recieved (and have spent the last 12 hours listening to) about 5 gigs of Mr. Uematsu's orignal music, which spans a huge range of all of his work, but is mostly focussed on the Final Fantasy series (which is amazing). Indeed, the dvd I recieved included not only the orignal mini tracks from every single game, but also included re-mixed techno, symphony orchestra, piano, and even rock versions of all of these songs. There are studio recorded as well as live concert versions of many of these masterpieces as well. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing some these remixed orchestra versions are. The guy who gave all of this to me said that he had seen a lot of the live versions in concert, and said that his mouth was gaping open the entire time. Mine was just listening to it on my computer last night, this music is amazingly powerful.

Yet it doesn't end there! Not only did Uematsu write and compose all of this music, but he even plays the piano versions that you'll hear as well as with the orchestra's in many cases. In the live shows he apparently goes up and stage many times to perform. Uematsu also has a rock band called the Black Mages, who have done many revisions of battle music and such from the games. This band is sick, I couldn't even believe some of the guitar and organ solos these crazy japos drive out.

There is one song in particular that comes to mind that completely blows me away everytime that I hear it, One Winged Angel from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children soundtrack. I comment on this song because it combines both the incredible symphony orchestra that worked with Uematsu on the movie with Uematsu's own Black Mages. The combination of rock and orchestra is perfectly suited for this song, and the end result is mind blowing. I can only imagine what occured as this song came together. The sky had to have litterally parted, and the eyes of all those present would have turned magenta. Revelations of untold magnitude, and the very secrets of the universe must have been revealed to this man, because he tells those secrets through his gorgeously and carefully crafted music.

Parker, when you come up this June, we'll have to spend hours listening to this stuff. It's amazing! I can't say enough about it, it is by far (in my humble opinion) the greatest and most inpired work you can possibly listen to besides hymns done by the tabernacle choir.

If you haven't already...

Listen To: Nobuo Uematsu (More specifically, his Final Fantasy music)


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

whoa, whoa, hey, hey, yeah, yeah, i said so! lollololroflcopter

What. The. Heck.

It's ironic that when Taking Back Sunday finally breaks free of Victory records, they sound EXACTLY like June(a Victory band). I'm not even joking. I'm so pissed. This CD sounds like June's next CD (except a few songs). Taking Back Sunday kinda ditched the "psuedo-distortion" in favor of a more full-on distortion. TBS feels like a totally different band. Taking Back Sunday has always had that repetitive sound, but it was charming the first two releases. For some reason it doesn't happen this time around. It's so repetitive that it's annoying. I'm just... I'm so let down. I thought Where You Want To Be was stellar, and I was let down with this. There are probably three songs on this CD that I like. I'm just lucky it was only $9.99, cause I wouldn't pay a single cent more than that for this CD.

[Of note, the breakdown in What's It Feels Like To Be A Ghost is awesome, the chorus in MakeDamnSure rules, the ending of Liar is awesome, My Blue Heaven is okay, Spin is decent, Divine Intervention had a good idea but fell short, and yeah.]

What-ev. So, here are the CD's I've picked up more recently:
  • The Pale Pacific - Urgency
  • Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
  • The Scene Aesthetic - Building Homes From What We've Known
  • Hellogoodbye - Hellogoodbye EP (finally. :P)
  • Moneen - The Red Tree
  • Anathallo - Floating World
  • Anathallo - A Holiday At Sea
  • The Format - Snails
  • Mae - The Everglow Special Edition
  • Like Chasing Wind - Acoustic EP
Some of those I've been meaning to pick up for forever, haha. :D But, yeah! The Pale Pacific's 2005 release, Urgency, is amazing. It's a mix between Copeland and Umbrellas and I LOVE it. As for Taking Back Sunday... Read my above rant.

Ah, The Scene Aesthetic. I love this band. I got this CD when I saw them live. Unfortunately, the back-up singer (Eric, I think) had laringitis, and could barely hit a note. But that aside, it was great! Danger: Radio stole the show, because Andrew is an amazing musician and they know how to freaking rock and roll. :)

Now; Anathallo's Floating World and Moneen's The Red Tree are both canidates for the Top 5 of '06. Both amazing CD's. Floating World is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm in love with it. And The Red Tree has an amazing energy to it.

Mae's Special Edition release of The Everglow is excellent. The DVD holds two hours worth of studio footage and music videos and live performances. Very intriguing. The extra tracks aren't all that special, but c'mon. It's Mae.

Oh, and The Format is incredible live. Absolutely AMAZING. I had the chance to see Anathallo, June, and The Format a few weeks ago. Unforgetable. Actually, June was forgetable. Terrible, terrible live. And only mediocre on CD... But, wow. I can't imagine someone going to see The Format live and coming back unsatisfied. So much talent. :) And Anathallo was spectacular! I felt bad, though, because EVERYONE in the audience was talking and laughing and whatever. I was pissed. But, if you ever get a chance to see Anathallo live - TAKE IT.

Listen To: Moneen

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ack, Been A While...

Been a while. Well, first I'll just list all of the CD's I've picked up recently...
  • The Killing Moon - A Message Through Your Teeth
  • Brightwood - The Love Antidote
  • New Atlantic - EP
  • June - If You Speak Any Faster
  • The Appleseed Cast - Peregrine
And I guess that's it. :P Not sure why it took my so long to pick up that June CD... Well, I guess I do know why. It's mediocre. Perhaps a few more listens until I get into it, but some of the songs have weak song structure. Yeah. But I'm seeing them in a few days with The Format and Anathallo. I'm pumped. :D

The Killing Moon CD is pretty darn good. HIGH energy lil EP. I remember getting their Subject A demo off of their Animal Suit Driveby PureVOLUME a while back, and fell in love with it. Well, now through a name change and a record deal, the band released this 5 song EP. And it's pretty freakin' good. INCREDIBLE musicians, with some guitarwork akin to Rufio. It's a great CD to just totally freaking rock out to.

Ah, Brightwood. I seriously had this CD ordered by the time I finished listening to the first song on their PureVOLUME website. One of the best unsigned bands ever. I ADORE their singer. Gorgeous voice.

I actually missed seeing New Atlantic live. They played earlier than what was on the ticket. I was kinda ticked. :P But, I picked up a T-Shirt and their EP from them and I love it. Pretty good mellow stuff. Speaking of that concert, Copeland was absolutely AMAZING. And so was Gatsby's American Dream, though I'm not too fond of Nic's DANCING. :P Their drummer can wail though. Talented band. And The Starting Line was incredible. Love those guys.

The new Applecast CD took me by surprise. I don't know how I was surprised, but somehow I was. Strange. It's a great CD.

Also, check out the band Therefore I Am. It's great stuff. :D

Listen To: The Format